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2016 Rio Olympic Games

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2016 Rio (BRA) - Olympic Games

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The Instant Replay and Control System "IRCOS by FIG", jointly developed by the FIG and its partner Longines, recently underwent substantial modification. From a technical standpoint, IRCOS is now compatible with 64 bit generation computers; and what users will be glad to hear is that from now on, scores given by reference judges will be visible on the screen. More than ever before, IRCOS meets the needs of gymnastic professionals by developing programmes for the people it was made to serve. The system was first used in 2005 at the World Championships in Melbourne (AUS), and was created both to assist judges during events and to be used as a training tool out of competition. It is worth noting that the FIG Executive Committee recently ruled to authorise the use of IRCOS in competition in the event of inquiry only.